Payroll Services






If you are trying to start or grow a small business on a limited budget, you have probably tried to do more on your own in order to cut costs. However, if you lack experience in managing books in a business, you should think twice. Managing your own accounting system incorrectly can hurt your business both now and in the long-term.

Our highly knowledgeable head bookkeeper can do much more than simply balance your books. We can also:

  • Provide advice on the type of accounting software that’s best
  • Send you reminders and/or pay a variety of taxes
  • Communicate with your bank
  • Explain the importance of keeping business & personal expenses separate
  • Assist you with tracking expenses
  • Oversee payroll and payment processes
  • Create W2s & 1099s
  • Compile Financial Reports
  • Help prevent you from being audited by the IRS

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